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Coal mill equipment is designed for coal mine and ore processing machine, the coal processing to more than 80 meshes. The original design of the mill in circle grinding, Pu Yi has not feed and feed from the feed screw Jane and feed chute between the gap to revert also influence the smell of the ring is not only influence the normal production. More serious is to return from the mill of the material, were selected from the powder selecting machine in the feed back, which contains part of the fine powder. This part of the material accumulation in the basis, such as more than a hollow shaft bottom line, can easily be hollow shaft main bearing, oil pollution, directly affect the lubrication of main bearing. This is the main reason of fever and premature wear of bearing.

stone crushing production line

MTW Euro mill using the internal door surface and the air inlet volute surface on the same surface, thus can effectively avoid the eddy current effect. Product size can be adjusted and controlled, the powder selecting efficiency is high: selected speed powder machine adopts frequency control, speed is more accurate, more fine material separation; separation cyclone powder, powder selecting efficiency is greatly improved, isolation structure is adopted between the inner cylinder and the mixed gas powder flow, can effectively improve the powder selecting efficiency and powder precision. The mill system of air box pulse finished powder dust collected by air chute, bucket elevator to the finished product warehouse. Storage powder by the library side of the bulk unload & shipment by air transport chute conveyor to the wharf. At the same time, the reservoir bottom bulk machine for auto discharge using the settings in the finished product warehouse.

Hot blast system adopts horizontal hot air furnace structure, high temperature flue gas burning blast furnace gas for use in vertical mill, dry blast furnace slag micropowder raw materials and finished products. This system uses the liquefied gas ignition and as the everlasting fire, to prevent the blast furnace gas flameout.

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