Do a stone crushing plant need to invest much money?

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Do a stone crushing plant need to invest much money?
Do a stone crushing plant need to invest much money?
Aggregate demand in infrastructure construction increased, various regions began to undergo a new sand production line of spree, then how much should a stone factory, is investing?: profit after completion?

Sand production line according to the different production, crushing material differences, select different stone production equipment, the most typical of the Zhengzhou golden sand production line configuration experts engineering technology company able to produce 100~1000 tons of aggregate project.

A case study of common limestone crushing, if money is tight and not very strict requirements for gravel finished, you can choose a closed-circuit production line configuration, namely Shanghai Xuan’s new stones dedicated a broken hammer crusher, the crusher not grate plate, discharging large, coarse sand suitable for high yield production;

But for the relatively well-off, demanding gravel stone standard production enterprises, Shanghai Xuan’s original 6 Sigma can be used two-stage closed circuit of gravel, sand and power production processes, the process uses a + hammer Crusher impact crusher’s two-stage crushing hosts a two-pronged approach produced a market demand for higher level aggregates.

Shanghai Xuan gravel project Department in charge, through macro-analysis of the current situation as well as extension of the cement industry chain, built stone plant market is huge, highly profitable, and companies such as Swiss, us, China resources, Taiwan cement sand production line earning full trying to let the broad masses of stone vendors eat more to feel secure.

A stone factory invested much money? Shanghai Xuan concerned pointed out that due to different production conditions, selection of equipment and eventually yield and quality of different sand, so there are different float price.

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