Equipment Will Be Used in Cement Production Line

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Speaking of the cement making process, do you know well about the mining machines that are needed for us in the cement production line? To get the right answer, we just need to learn about the complete cement making process flow. In general, there are four steps in the cement making process: limestone exploitation, raw material crushing, material grinding and cement clinker baking. Here our experts will show you the concrete information of the four steps.

stone crushing production line

Quarry Mining: this is the first step by exploiting and crushing the limestone and then transporting them to the limestone storage bin.

Raw material making: it refers to the process of crushing the limestone and a few clay materials and then matching and grinding them according to certain scale. In the cement production, most of the raw materials need crushing, such as limestone, clay, iron ore, coal, etc. The limestone is of large particle sizes and high hardness after being mined. Therefore, the limestone crushing is the most essential part in cement plants.

Roasting the cement clinker: when the raw materials are burnt at high temperature, they become the cement clinker with the calcium silicate as the main component. The final clinker’s property determines the quality of the cement products. Therefore, this step of making cement clinker is regarded as the most important one in the whole process. In the Rotary Kiln, the carbonate makes further quick decomposition and a series of solid-phase reactions. With the increase in the temperature, the minerals will become liquid and dissolved in the liquid phase reactions and then form a great amount of clinker. After being calcined, the temperature of the clinker will gradually become low. Finally, the hot clinker will be cooled by the Cooler to the appropriate temperature for conveying, storing and grinding. Meanwhile, the heat will be recycled, thus the heat efficiency improved and clinker quality enhanced.

Grinding: As the last process, it is also the most power-consuming process. Its main function exists in grinding cement clinker (also gelling agent, performance adjustment materials, etc.) to the proper sizes, forming a certain grain gradation, increasing hydration area and speeding up hydration rate, meeting the requirements of condensation and hardening of the cement slurry.

Finished cement products: to add proper quantity of gypsum and mixing materials with the clinker, we will finally get the powder cement. After the packing process, we can transport the finished products and sell them.

From the above information, its’ easy for us to conclude the required mining machines that are used in the cement making process, namely crushers, grinding mill, cement kiln, dust collectors and so on. Once we know the complete cement making process, we will have a clear clue of the utilization of the mining machines in this processing flow.

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