Gravel stone crushing production line program

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Gravel stone crushing production line program
Gravel stone crushing production line program
Aggregate crushing line building, a project favored by a large number of cement, sand and gravel company, the nation’s largest sand production line contractor Xuan machinery co Shanghai can undertake daily output of 1000~30000 tons of sand and stone aggregate crushing project, huaxin, Taiwan Cement, gezhouba and other enterprises were Shanghai Xuan’s customers. To allow more enterprises to learn more about quarry line, for new and old customers to share Shanghai Xuan produces 10,000 tons of stone production line breaking program is configured.

Tianrui produces 10,000 tons of sand production line in xingyang as an example. In order to take full advantage of low taste, abandoned mining large amounts of cement mineral resources, waste recycling, so direct synchronization between cement and crushed stone concrete products of synthesis for the building site, to enterprise value maximization of profits, building Nissan 10000 tons of artificial aggregates production line.

Shanghai Xuan Shi received the project of the company, immediately dispatched an engineer came to sand production line in xingyang area. Through field exploration for more than three months and repeatedly tianrui manufacturers understand immediate needs, engineers designed a large Jaw Crusher vibrating feeder ZWS630 + PFH1820 + PE1000x1200 + stones dedicated Crusher circular vibrating screen equipment consisting of a production line such as 3YK2865, and 2YK2460.

Worth a mention of is, the line is a article closed-circuit circulatory system, it can will not meet customer needs of gravel aggregate through belt machine returns to counterattack type broken machine again broken, full more angle of meet customer on finished aggregate of grain degrees needs, proceeds aggregate of grain degrees good, production standard, built production Hou, annual gravel aggregate 3 million tons, by obtained of economic in cement industry in again innovation high. Tianrui heads according to feedback, the aggregate production line payback period of less than 6 months, turned over substantial amounts of revenue for local governments, investors and local governments benefit is considerable, and implements enterprise and Government taxes, employment earnings.

It is understood that each 150t to each 1000t aggregates production production line were able to build, once the largest output is for the construction of nine Han Nissan 20000 tons of sand production line.

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