Hammer crusher and impact crusher characteristics

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With the further implementation of Chinese new wall materials industry policy, out of solid clay brick, the utilization of industrial waste residue, Ye Yan and production of coal gangue sintered hollow brick production enterprises, has become the only way out of sintered brick. Unlike the raw clay hollow brick production routine, materials and technology, has become a key link in the production of high quality hollow brick. Equipment and process for crushing raw materials selection, mainly based on the physical properties of raw materials, product demand and production scale. This paper just as the hammer crusher, counterattack crusher paper machine in the application of sintered brick.

stone crushing production line

Hammer crusher, counterattack crusher general fragmentation characteristics

Hammer crusher, counterattack crusher is raw material crushing extensive application process, mainly for the brittle, hard and moisture content is not high raw materials such as limestone, coal gangue, shale, coal, gypsum etc..

Hammer crusher is composed of rotor, grate plate, lining board, a box body. Hammer hanging in the rotor hammer frame, depending on the rotor rotating in high speed, the high speed of hammer, into the crushing cavity material impact, grinding, the raw material crushing. The particle size is controlled by the discharge opening sieve holes or grate plate gap, qualified fine powder can be obtained directly or through subsequent screening technology. Counterattack crusher consists of a rotor, hammer, impact plate, plate, box and other components, unlike the hammer crusher hammer that hung in the rotor hammer frame, but fixed on the rotor. The material into the crushing chamber, the rotor high-speed rotation of the impact on the material, material thrown back to back plate, again by the rotor hammer blow, the formation of repeated blows, counter and mutual impact, implementation of the raw material crushing. After breaking the mixture discharged from the discharge port and the grate plate gap, get the mixture of certain thickness ratio, qualified fine powder to obtain the subsequent screening technology. Hammer crusher, counterattack crusher are broken is relatively high, high crushing efficiency, low power consumption. The main drawback is the rotary, hammer, impact plate, plate, plate, plate wear. When the feed water is low, higher dust.

Hammer crusher in the application, when feeding water more than the technical requirements, the plate will be crushing cavity closure, easy the emergence of the phenomenon of blocking material, motor load increased, yield decreased.

Counterattack crusher because the discharge mouth half open structure, allowing the feed moisture content increasing, at this time will not be like the hammer crusher that frequent plugging material, but the screen material (raw material) was increased, the fine powder production decline. The contradiction caused by broken lower yield increase due to feeding water, transferred to the screening process of follow-up.

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