Improve the Ball Mill Stone Grinding Efficiency

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Ball mill is widely used in cement and silicate products; new building materials, refractory materials, fertilizer, ferrous and nonferrous metal and glass ceramics and other mineral production industries of all kinds of ores and other grind-able materials can be dry or wet grinding. According to different ways of discharge it can be divided into two kinds of lattice type and overflow type.

stone crushing production line

How ball mill works

Cylindrical ball mill is a horizontal rotating device. Material will be fed evenly into the first warehouse where has ladder liner or corrugated liner, built with different specifications of steel balls; centrifugal force will raise the ball to a certain height. After the falling, the material will be seriously impacted and abraded. The material will then enter the second silo which is lined with flat liner for further grinding.

Ore grinding is a crucial procedure in the ore beneficiation plant and the working state of ball mill directly influences the efficiency, energy consumption of the grinding mills of the ore beneficiation plant and the production cost and other technical and economic indexes. To improve the ore grinding efficiency of ball mill, Xuanshi Machinery carries out technical reform from the optimization of the structure of the lining board and the gradation of the steel balls of the milling equipment.

(1) Improvement of the types of lining board

The correlative data indicates that that ball mills with different shapes of lining board will have different ore grinding efficiency. For this reason, it is necessary to choose lining boards with high wear resistance, anti-impact, high strength, high tenacity, high cost performance and high adaptability. The traditional bar-type lining board can be changed to be wave-form groove spiral lining board, which improves the ore grinding efficiency per machine by 6.0% and the utilization coefficient of the grinding mill by 10%.

(2) Improvement of the percentage of opening of the ball mills

When reforming the ball mills, the shape and area of the lining board remain unchanged, change the strip opening size on the lining board from 18mm to 22mm to ensure the throughput of the ball mills. Of course, the reform of the percentage of opening should ensure the load and ore grinding effect of the second-stage grinding, otherwise, it may influence the flotation separation index.

(3) Improvement of the gradation of the steel balls

The production capacity of ball grinding mill is not only related to the structure of the mill itself, but to the property of the ores and the operation conditions. Among them, the operation conditions include the working conditions and the gradation of the grinding balls. High gradation of the ores, steel balls and lining board of the ball mill can improve the ore grinding efficiency. In the meantime, the texture of the steel balls will also influence the ore grinding efficiency. The influence of the property of the ores can be measured through the grindability of the ores. However, on the premise that other parameters are determined, the gradation of the steel balls and the filling ratio of the grinding mill will have direct influence on the efficiency of ore grinding. Reasonable gradation of steel balls will have great improving effect on the ore grinding efficiency.

The above-mentioned technical improvement can extend the service life of the lining board of ball mills, increase the throughput of the first-stage grinding process, improve the processing capacity of the ore beneficiation plant and balance the second-stage grinding load.

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