Processing hard ore with inertia cone crusher

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The main technical characteristic of inertia cone crusher, crushing force is composed of an eccentric counterweight rotates at a high speed centrifugal movement, crushing force is strong and has the characteristics of non mandatory. At the same time to generate high-frequency vibration, and further strengthen the crushing process. The crushing cavity into the people can not be broken, the moving cone can be naturally concession, the components are protected.

stone crushing production line

Due to the unique characteristic of inertia cone crusher, the device can be used for other crushing equipment difficult work situations, such as broken corundum, hard alloy and steel slag and extremely hard materials. Inertia cone crusher is used for steel slag crushing production line; the first inertia cone crusher is used for crushing workshop of Anshan Iron and Steel Group, a mineral company, processing Platts hardness hard Anshan 17 to 18 of the ferruginous quartzite.

Cone crusher development machine in recent years around the high energy and reduce the product size, with energy-saving features of certain. High energy high input power / production capacity and volume / mass ratio, to obtain energy production and transportation capacity or higher within a limited volume or quality. Methods high energy are increased stress parts size, improve material performance and improve the force structure.

Ways to reduce the size of cone crusher products with high energy, optimization mechanism, optimization of crushing cavity shape and improve the swing frequency etc.. Material layer comminution theory is mainly applied to fine and super fine crushing cavity shape design, the effect is crushing process of product size and energy gain lower.

In the selection of cone crusher, CH series hydraulic cone crusher and cone crusher of HP series comparison problem.

The former through hydraulic spindle at the bottom of the cylinder to realize real-time adjusting the discharge, fast reaction speed, high precision, better control of particle size effect. The latter is sometimes referred to as the “hydraulic cone crusher”, but its use of the surrounding multi cylinder is mainly used for locking spring to replace the old equipment, with the former “hydraulic cone crusher” concept is of a different nature.

Steep cone compared with slow cone, steep cone is beneficial to improve the material through the ability, the eccentric motion in the direction of travel of big crushing, crushing effect on material is strong, broken material and lining slide relatively less plate surface, liner wear lighter. But the material discharge rapidly, the size distribution of coarse, the height of the equipment is large, slow cone contrast;

The small eccentric distance compared with the large eccentricity, small eccentricity is beneficial to reduce the discharge size, large eccentricity is beneficial to improve the ability of.

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