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Quartz sand ( powder ) is an important non-metallic mineral , is nearly a hundred kinds of industrial products raw materials, a major role for the glass industry, foundry industry , packing areas , production of silicon metal and electronic industries. With the national economy through the development of art glass and scientific and technological progress, especially in the photovoltaic industry and the rapid development of the electronics industry, the demand for high-end ultra-pure quartz sand ( powder ) continued to increase during the continuous , which the quartz sand ( powder ) production and processing of a higher requirement. Sand quartz sand can be used in crushing hard and extremely hard materials , plastic , are widely used in ores, cement , refractories, aluminum where the soil clinker , emery and other building sand, construction aggregate , sand in the engineering field machine is the mechanism of sand glass stone , cushion material , asphalt concrete protagonist output facilities . In the mining sector , sand facilities are widely used mechanical facilities , is a good choice for mining investors.

stone crushing production line

Market demand for quartz sand making is increasing, but the increase in the number of not only quartz sand making machine , for quartz sand making production processes more sophisticated requirements , sand making equipment has become an important support for the development of the construction industry , it also plays a striking effect , compared with the same kind of sand making equipment can greatly improve production efficiency , product type and more grains of sand intact, can be called the best helper construction machinery industry throughout the provinces , in fact, there are many manufacturers of construction machinery sand making machine , but most are small and medium enterprises, truly independent research and innovation , the strength of large manufacturers is not a lot , but this will be for the market to form a healthy competition for the development of this industry is quite effective , of course, is for the customer to choose a more powerful manufacturers will have a good start , after all, professional equipment and professional services to protect everything.

In the face of vigorous development of highways , quartz sand making machine itself has a great advantage. Whether it is from the durability , resistance , corrosion resistance, adhesion , etc. , or from the perspective of asphalt , quartz sand has become an absolute advantage of the new housing construction and high-quality road construction aggregate. Basalt high hardness, if the traditional crusher equipment caused a great opportunity to wear , the material was produced flakiness , completely unable to reach the highway construction standards for materials. So we must use professional mechanisms sand equipment for material properties are analyzed in the crushing chamber , the hammer and the main transmission parts have done a lot of improvement , production reached 640 tons per hour , to ensure uniformity of the particle size is less than 3.5mm finished sand , improve material utilization above 48%.

Artificial mechanism increasingly used quartz sand , artificial sand quartz processing technology has made considerable progress , different rock types, different processing techniques, various types of processing equipment, system layout using different methods, combined with social awareness of environmental protection and enhancement various environmental protection measures for the construction of increasingly stringent environmental requirements and take a deep sand processing technology embodies the development and progress . Hydropower industry for the production and use of artificial sand is the most mature, but the requirements are relatively high, is basically self-produced , mostly for medium-sized production lines. Sand production line generally take two or three broken equipment to be focusing on reducing the cost of running power and efforts . Raw material crushing , sand , screening equipment must be matched , and should be considered easy maintenance . In some areas wetter rainy day should be considered normal production . Wet process is a good method sand production , can effectively prevent dust pollution, ensure product quality, increase productivity, especially not raining weather, can improve equipment utilization.

Quartz sand production line process design is to determine the scale of investment , production efficiency, product cost , reliable operation of the most critical aspects . Early construction of quartz sand production line , were some problems in the design process , and then had to be transformed into production .

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