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Depending on the number of rollers, roller crusher can be divided into double roller crusher and four-roller crusher. It is ideally used for secondary crushing or tertiary crushing various medium hard materials, such as limestone, slag, coke, coal, and so on. With the advantages of reliable operation, simple maintenance and low operating cost, Xuanshi roller crushers are widely used in a variety of industries, such as cement, metallurgy, chemical, electric power and coal etc.


Roller Crusher Structure and Working Principle

1. Our roller crusher is mainly composed of roller, roller support bearings, compaction device, adjustment device and drive unit etc.

2. Adjustment of discharge size: A wedge-shaped adjustment device that has an adjusting bolt on the top is installed between two rollers. When the wedge is being pulled upward by the bolt, the movable roller will be thrown off from the fixed roller by the wedge. The gap between two rollers will be larger, so that the discharge size will be larger. When the wedge is pulled downward, the movable roller will be compressed by the pressure spring, resulting in smaller gap between two rollers. The discharge size can also be adjusted by the gasket between two rollers. When increasing the number of gasket, the gap between the rollers will be larger. And the gap will be smaller when the gasket is reduced.

3. The drive unit consists of two motors, which drive groove roller through V-belt to make the roller rotate in the opposite direction.

4. After the material enters the feed port, it passes through roller, and then is compacted, crushed, and discharged from the lower side of rack.

5. For the sake of safety, the driving unit should be equipped with safety cover according to the actual situation.

Roller Crusher Performance Advantages:

1 , Double Roll Crusher compact dimensions , some of the customers is very limited , it is compact size Double Roll Crusher is particularly dominant, space for large-scale open-pit mining , Double Roll Crusher occupied Index jaw crusher space occupied by a small part.

2 , without the shackles of the foundation , the structure of the teeth roll crusher crushing force designed so that all are included in the framework of the internal device , so just bear the weight of the device, this advantage makes the double roll crusher can be mounted on wheels, truck on , or sleepers, and makes the open pit mining conducted crushing possible.

3 , at least over the broken product , Double Roll Crushers use tensile stress and shear stress to break material , which in the usual squeeze is exactly the opposite , this method can better control the crushing process , thereby reducing the powder contents, and also can control the particle size range .

4 , a standardized structure, the structure of each type of roll crusher teeth are standardized , his structure and length can vary with the requirements of the productive forces . Ring the number of teeth of the ring gear on the roll , pitch and a two-axis connective structure of each roller shaft can be changed to suit the needs of different size .

5 , high production capacity , low operating costs, teeth Double Roll Crusher is relatively large , the installation location and design of the tooth distance is less than the number of those qualified to ensure the fragmentation of particles directly through the broken section without breaking , making the minimum power consumption broken . This unique design allows the case of low speed , low wear , and has a high processing capacity outside , actually , the rotation tooth structure like a grate , with a minimum energy particles that pass through smoothly , while the broken material needed to make the material easier to get places broken tension broken. This same feature also eliminates the need for installation in front of the inlet screen is necessary, sharp teeth Double Roll Crusher part of something that is cut with a knife , while the use of active crushing way , but also reduces wear and tear.

6 , crushing ratio, when you need a large crushing ratio, toothed roll crusher can install an adjustable bar at the bottom of the two crushing rollers . Roll paragraph gripping material generated during crushing , the material passes between the two- stage crushing to produce a second stick , broken fragments of teeth roll bar together with the role of the first two stages of the implementation of the third stage of crushing produces .

7 , self-cleaning function , Roll crusher low speed , and the two rollers roll on the large comb teeth can be rotated to each other and thus can handle wet sticky materials , and other types of crushers in this case will cause great difficulties at work.

8 , easy to produce rapid recovery after the accident , when due to the non -broken material into the crushing chamber cause accidents when parking , simply let inversion roller to resume production without artificial pulled out a thing from broken equipment .

9 , cost savings, compared with other types of crushers , at the same feed size , double roll crusher size and weight of the smallest , lowest price crusher .

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