Tailings mechanism sand production equipment

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Tailings sand production line which has specific crushing equipment? Equipment needed to process mine tailings? In fact, the process of crushing force mainly comes from the PC hammer crusher (according to different production requirements, can be used for crushing equipment of different types): chunks of coal gangue after transport to the crushing field, after feeding, crushing, screening into appropriate particle. Equipment needed to process mine tailings, and the coal gangue production line is the crushed material is mainly used for making bricks, coal gangue in accordance with a certain proportion of cement and other materials mixing after machine processing were made after the environmental protection baking free brick, has the very good market value.

stone crushing production line

Since the recent years quarrying armies continue to grow, not only brings huge development opportunities for the economic development of China at the same time, the new direction of mining engineering also continue to promote the development of mining machinery industry. In the profit increases at the same time, mining tailings more cannot be well used in the mine, to waste, not only pollute the environment but also to the surrounding people’s life to bring unnecessary trouble, so the tailings management, brook no delay.

Equipment needed to process mine tailings, the PC series of hammer crusher is mainly composed of a ring hammer (hammer) rotor, rotor comprises a main shaft, disk, composed of pin and hammer, the tailings from the upper feeding opening into the crusher, the first hit with ring hammer rotating rotor at first broken, broken tailings by hammer rings, to rush to the crushing plate, by second broken, then down the grate by hammer rings squeeze, pressure, grinding and crushing, and through the grate discharge below the rotor, not broken debris into the metal collector, periodically clear. When large tailings into the crushing cavity, piling up the middle bracket ad hoc in the machine’s running in the middle gap, hammer bracket, the bulk materials continuous shatter and fall, fall by high-speed operation of small hammer blow and the further fine, arc plate are integrated grid after unloading, convenient and flexible.

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