What methods can be crushing stone

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What methods can be broken stone
What methods can be crushing stone
Limestone, River gravel is the most common stone raw material for producing artificial sand, only break after breaking the stones can be better utilized, then in what ways we can rock sound and fast break?

From initially of artificial playing stone to now of machine gravel, production of change is big degree Shang witness has China broken machine of development, various type of broken machine, and gravel machine, and playing stone machine endlessly, as river Pebble broken machine, and pebble broken machine, and granite broken machine, and limestone broken machine, and coal broken machine etc, face so more of broken machine, wants broken, and broke stone of producer how for pick does?

According to market survey displayed, currently engaged in broken machine production of enterprise up to Shang hundred home, thousands of home, so more enterprise production out of broken machine are is how broke stone of does? related expert introduced, according to stone structure layer acting and wear corrosion sex of actual features, broken machine in broke stone of when main has two species way, a is impact, as hammer type broken machine, and impact type business sand machine; a is extrusion, as e type broken machine, and cone type broken machine.

To one-time achieved stone of chronology target, Shanghai Xuan world next-generation single segment e type broken machine added set crank shake Rod institutions and ladder type structure broken cavity type design, using small angle increased force principle, will moving jaw lower of reduction force State becomes increased force effect, not only can achieved single one-time directly business sand and milling, also omitted has follow-up broken machine or business sand machine, simplified has production process, both save investment, and and energy section to, reduced has power, and improve has production efficiency, so the single segment e type broken machine and was called sand powder broken machine.

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